Welcome to Quail Run Elementary School

Northside Eagles read to our Cubs   
Here is a link to a wonderful article on macon.com about the Northside students coming to read to our students last week. Click...

Our school is participating in the Boosterthon Fun Run again this year.  Please visit funrun.com.  Your child should...

Please check our Quail Run Facebook page daily for updates.  There is a link on the right of the webpage for it. 

GoFAR Website   
Parents, Please visit www.gofar.gadoe.org. This is the Georgia Online Formative Assessment Resource (GoFar).  It is a...

Parent Survey   
Please take this parent survey by February 27th.  We would appreciate your feedback.  Thanks! http://apps.gadoe.org/schoolclimate/parents.nsf/Survey.xsp

New Georgia Milestones Assessment   
Here is a link to a brochure that discusses the new Georgia Milestones Assessment. http://www.pta.org/files/Advocacy/CCSSIToolkit/Common%20Core%20State%20Standards%20Resources/Assessments%20Resouces/PTA_GA_6PG_17DEC13_FINAL.pdf